Alfaião (2016)

Production Company: School of Arts, Universidade Católica Portuguesa
Genre: Short Film – Documentary | Duration: 13 mins. | Image: Full HD and Color

In the countryside painted in white by the frost, the birds sing while entrapping the hunter who warms himself in the early sunlight. In the fireplace, the wood crackles in the fire and warms the elderly who are making siesta in company of their cat. We are in the village, where there it is always too hot despite the cold weather and the rain once in a while. This village is Alfaião.

2019 The NEXT International Short Film Festival [India]
🏆 Best International Documentary
2019 Ahmednagar International Short Film Festival [India]
🏆  Best Film (Non Fiction)
2018 IOFF – International Open Film Festival [Bangladesh]
🏆 Special Mention
2018 PRINDIE – Princeton Independent Film Festival [New Jersey, USA]
🏆 Best Still
2018 FICABC – Atlantic International Film Festival, Barranquilla, Colombia [Colombia]
🏆 Best Short Documentary
2018 International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra [Greece]
🏆 Best Short Film European
2018 Shortcutz Covilhã [Portugal]
🏆 Best Short Film of May
2018 Shortcutz Caldas da Rainha [Portugal]
🏆 Best Short Film of February
2017 Shortcutz Funchal [Portugal]
🏆 Audience Award
2017 DO PÃO – International Documentary Film Festival [Portugal]
🏆 Honorable Mention

2018 Blooom Award by Warsteiner [Germany]
2017 CBA – Cinema Blogger Awards: Best Portuguese Short Film [Portugal]

POSTOPENED FiLMS for World Peace Festival [North Carolina, USA]
10.2020 Geofilmefestival [Italy]
08.2020 Cinema na Eira – Mostra de Cinema do FOLK ANCAS-Anadia (Extension) [Portugal]
07.2020 Cinema na Eira – Mostra de Cinema do FOLK ANCAS-Anadia [Portugal]
02.2020 Tarde de Cinema [Portugal]
12.2019 Cine in Roca [Brazil]
12.2019 FFIFF – Film Frames International Film Festival [India]
12.2019 Bogura International Film Festival [Bangladesh]
11.2019 Horizontes Festival [Portugal]
11.2019 3 in 1 Film Festival [Portugal]
11.2019 Kautik International Film Festival [India]
11.2019 Curta Canedo [Brazil]
11.2019 Southern Screen [Louisiana, USA]
11.2019 Entre Olhares – Mostra de Cinema Português [Portugal]
11.2019 Festival International Sahélien Du Film [Cameroon]
10.2019 Izmit International Short Film Festival [Turkey]
09.2019 Carakino in Frankfurt (Oder) #1 [Germany]
09.2019 Carakino #1 [Germany]
09.2019 Ongezien Kort [Belgium]
09.2019 VASTLab Experimental Festival [California, USA]
08.2019 The NEXT – International Short Film Festival [India]
08.2019 Encuentro Para Cinéfagos: Festival de Cine en la Frontera [Venezuela]
06.2019 La Baleine tend la perche [France]
05.2019 Homenagem a André Almeida Rodrigues [Portugal]
05.2019 Etowah Film Festival [Georgia, USA]
05.2019 CineEco – Serra da Estrela International Environmental Film Festival (Extension) [Portugal]
05.2019 Mastic Beach Mini Indie Film Fest [New York, USA]
04.2019 Conversas Curtas [Portugal]
03.2019 Ahmednagar International Short Film Festival [India]
03.2019 Psicodália [Brazil]
02.2019 CINENOVA [Portugal]
02.2019 RPM FEST – Revolution Per Minute Festival [Massachusetts, USA]
01.2019 CineKasimanwa 6: Dagyang International [Philippines]
12.2018 ETNOFF – Student Etno Film Festival [Macedonia]
12.2018 Kinomorphia Film Festival [Bulgaria]
12.2018 Cinemax Curtas [Portugal]
11.2018 Guadalajara International Book Fair [Mexico]
11.2018 PROSPE(C)TIVA B.R.I.O [Italy]
11.2018 VIDEOBARDO – Festival Internacional de Videopoesía [Argentina]
11.2018 Veritas Film Festival [Pennsylvania, USA]
11.2018 LIFFY – Latino and Iberian Film Festival at Yale [Connecticut, USA]
11.2018 International Independent Film Festival PUBLICYSTYKA [Poland]
10.2018 CineEco – Serra da Estrela International Environmental Film Festival [Portugal]
10.2018 Cooltourall [Portugal]
10.2018 Agenda Cultural da União das Freguesias de Custóias, Leça do Balio e Guifões [Portugal]
10.2018 Marmaris International Short Film Festival [Turkey]
10.2018 FICM – Festival International du Cinéma et la Mer [Morocco]
10.2018 AegeanDocs – International Documentary Film Festival [Greece]
09.2018 International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra (Extension) [Greece]
09.2018 Festival de Curtas Jovem [Portugal]
09.2018 BGFF – The Bioscope Global Film Festival [India]
09.2018 Shortcutz Figueira da Foz [Portugal]
09.2018 FICABC – Festival Internacional Cinematográfico del Atlántico, Barranquilla, Colombia [Colombia]
09.2018 OCFF – Ocean Coast Film Festival [Portugal]
09.2018 The Unseen Festival [Colorado, USA]
09.2018 Short cut [Serbia]
08.2018 FICP – Festival Internacional de Cine de la Patagonia [Argentina]
08.2018 Festival de Cine Etnográfico de Ecuador [Ecuador]
08.2018 Mostremp – Mostra de Cinema Rural del Pallars [Spain]
08.2018 LCIFF – Lake City International Film Festival [India]
08.2018 International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra [Greece]
08.2018 MôTif Film Festival [Alaska, USA]
07.2018 Spiritual Film Festival Contracorriente [Colombia]
07.2018 Horn Festival [Israel]
06.2018 Shortcutz Porto [Portugal]
06.2018 LUNATIK Short Film Festival Leipzig [Germany]
06.2018 Festival Liberdade [Portugal]
06.2018 SEFF – Smaragdni Eco Film Festival [Croatia]
06.2018 Festival Curtas Metragens [Portugal]
05.2018 Shortcutz Covilhã [Portugal]
05.2018 Curta Arte – Festival de Curtas-Metragens [Portugal]
04.2018 Tourfilm Riga [Latvia]
04.2018 NTFF – Norway Tamil Film Festival [Norway]
04.2018 UCLA Latin American and Iberian Film Festival [California, USA]
04.2018 Moviected [India]
04.2018 NOFLASH Video Show [New Jersey, USA]
02.2018 Shortcutz Caldas da Rainha [Portugal]
02.2018 International Film Festival ZOOM – ZBLIZENIA [Poland]
02.2018 Curtas à Quarta [Portugal]
02.2018 Shortcutz Lisboa [Portugal]
01.2018 Pugnant Film Series [Greece]
12.2017 C(H)ORTA – Festival de Curtas do Faial [Portugal]
12.2017 Cinema no Palácio [Portugal]
12.2017 IntimaLente – Festival di Film Etnografici [Italy]
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05.2017 Encontros de Cinema de Viana [Portugal]