Break, Break, Break (2019)

Band: The Bookkeepers
Genre: Micro Film – Music Video and Documentary | Duration: 3 mins. | Image: HD and Black and White

The nostalgia of the day-to-day of the fishing community.

2020 The IndieFest [USA]
🏆 Award of Recognition – Short Film
2019 Overcome Film Festival [USA]
🏆 Best Audiovisual Narrative Poetry Film
2019 FestMedallo – Festival Internacional de Cine de Medellín [Colombia]
🏆 Best Music Video
2019 12 Months Film Festival [Romania]
🏆 Best Music Video of January


10.2023 Ciclo de Cinema na UNICEPE [Portugal]
05.2022 Cap Spartel Film Festival [Morocco]
04.2021 Moinho Cine Fest [Portugal]
10.2020 A Lyte in the Dark [USA, Online]
06.2020 Mifvif- Maracay International Film & Video Festival [Venezuela]
02.2020 Tarde de Cinema [Portugal]
01.2020 The IndieFest [USA, Online]
01.2020 Alwar International Film Festival [India]
12.2019 The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards [USA, Online]
12.2019 Ambrosia Food & Drink Film Festival [Russia]
12.2019 Lifft India Filmotsav – World Cine Fest [India]
11.2019 180’ BerlinFilmFest [Germany]
10.2019 Overcome Film Festival [USA, Online]
10.2019 Ocean Coast Film Festival [Portugal]
10.2019 MoziMotion [Netherlands, Online]
09.2019 New Wave Motion [Hong Kong]
09.2019 Otros Cines Indie Film Festival [Argentina]
09.2019 Girona Film Festival [Spain]
08.2019 Borodino Film Festival [New York, USA]
07.2019 Marmostra – Mostra de curtas-metragens [Portugal]
06.2019 Music Shorts Festival [USA, Online]
05.2019 Mastic Beach Mini Indie Film Fest [New York, USA]
04.2019 Lift-Off Sessions [United Kingdom, Online]
04.2019 Athens International Digital Film Festival [Greece]
02.2019 FestMedallo – Festival Internacional de Cine de Medellín [Colombia]
01.2019 12 Months Film Festival [Romania, Online]