Release your Emotions (2021)

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Genre: Short Film – Mobile and Documentary | Duration: 14 min. | Image: 4K and Black and White


In a green area, the reality is gray and uncomfortable despite the smooth flow of the river. There, the ruins of an amusement park and extreme sports that, in 2012, was unique in the country, are “planted”. We are at Monte de São Brás, where 6 hectares were uprooted to plant” Raf Park, despite a national economic crisis.


10.2022 Sofia Art Film Awards [Bulgaria]

🏆 Best Short Documentary

10.2022 Sofia Art Film Awards [Bulgaria]

🏆 Best Mobile Film

06.2022 CEYFF – Ceylon International Film Festival [California, United States of America]

🏆 Honorable Mention


03.2023 Cinemaking International Film Festival [Bangladesh]

12.2022 Lift-Off Filmmaker Sessions [United Kingdom, Online]

11.2022 West Bengal Short Film Festival [India]

09.2022 Imagens no Tejo – Mostra de Cinema Português [Portugal]

05.2022 Leiria Film Fest [Portugal]

08.2021 SEFF – Smaragni Eco Film Festival [Croatia]

11.2021 Ocean Coast Film Festival [Portugal]